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A selection of completed finish basement renovation projects from the archives of Acc builders

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       Let Acc builders transform your unfinished basement into a showplace that can enhance the way you live, work and play. Acumen's custom designed living spaces will offer endless new possibilities for you and your family... and increase the value of your home as well.


Explore the possibilities

• Exercise Center
• Home Theater
• Game & Entertainment Center
• Home Office / Computer Room
• Extra Bedroom and Bath
• Party Room / Bar
or any other use you can image


possibilities are endless

 Why not consider adding

built-ins to your new living space.
Custom cabinets, big-screen TV
, quality music, or a high-speed
connection to the Internet can
greatly enhance your enjoyment of

your newly created space


                   from planning...... to design ........ to finish work..... we can do it all 


Home Theater




   Exercise  Room


Frequently asked questions about basement remodeling

Q. How long does a job take to complete from start to finish?

A. Typically, a complete basement finishing or basement remodeling job will take around 3-8 weeks. Large jobs or projects requiring extensive custom work will take longer, and that's normal.

Q. Will my job have your complete attention once it has been started?

A. Absolutely. Although we may be serving multiple homeowners at any given time, only a few projects will be in the same phase (planning, design, or construction) or have the same trades working simultaneously. And once we've started your project, we'll work at your home full time until the project is completed.

Q. Why don't you include ALL materials and labor costs in your estimates?

A. For the homeowner, this way of pricing is much, much easier to understand. Yes, some other companies do include all materials and labor costs in their pricing, and they do this by adding material allowances into their estimates. The homeowner then has to determine how much money was included for materials such as flooring, tile, or counter tops, so they'll know what they can spend. Not only can it be confusing for the homeowner, but occasionally, the material allowances are too low and the homeowner ends up spending more money than they planned to spend.
By completely eliminating those allowances from our estimates, and stating clearly that we provide all labor costs and most material costs (except as listed), the homeowner knows exactly what we will be paid and they can choose to spend whatever they want on those finish materials. It's very simple and we've found it virtually eliminates any confusion as far as pricing is concerned.

Q. How long are the warranties offered by other companies?

A. We stand behind our work with a full 1 year warranty. Also due to the current downturn in the housing market, some of the big construction companies and house builders are now offering basement finishing as a way to stay busy. Assuming that the work is done correctly, homeowners need to understand that when the housing market picks up and these construction companies are once again busy, they'll be out of the basement finishing business. We're here to stay, and our customers can count on that.

Q. What areas does your company service?

A. We don't really have an official service area. While most of our work has come from Montgomery County, we do work outside of those areas as well, including Philadelphia PA,  Bucks County, Delaware County and Chester County.. Give us a call and we'll see what we can do for you.

Q. My basement is partially completed. Can you finish the rest of it?

A. We really try to keep it simple and focus on finishing complete basements, from start to finish. Finishing someone else's work can be very challenging due to numerous unknowns. For instance, was the electrical, plumbing or framing done properly, or was the concrete sealed to prevent moisture penetration? Matching materials that may have been discontinued can also be an issue. For those reasons and more, we don't usually finish basements someone else has started.

Q. Do I need to have a budget in mind?

A. Yes, it's very important to have a budget in mind. Why? Basically, we need to be sure that our potential customers have a realistic idea of what they'll need to spend on their basement. For example, if someone tells us they have set aside $25,000.00 for their project, but we quickly determine that the budget is unrealistic due to the basement square footage, then that's something we need to discuss early on, and before we and the homeowner have invested a great deal of time. Once we reach an understanding on potential costs, we'll be happy to come out to your home at no charge or obligation.

Q. Who will be working in my home?

A. Most of our craftsmen and subcontractors work with us regularly and have been with us for a many years. They are very conscious of your property and security, and we would never send someone into a client's home who wouldn't be welcome into our own. In addition, every project has a supervisor in charge who will oversee each and every aspect of the process, and will be on site most of the time work is in progress.

Q. I want an estimate price that I can count on. If I hire your company, is there a chance you'll want more money later on?

A. No. The price that we give you in writing is all you will ever be charged unless you would ad extra work. This is important to understand, because most companies will not make this price guarantee. Therefore, if unexpected costs arise that the contractor did not expect and account for, the customer is charged the extra money. On a large project like finishing a basement, that can add up to several thousands of dollars. If the homeowner cannot (or refuses) to pay the extra costs, the contractor is likely to walk off the job, and the homeowner has to find and pay someone else to finish the project.

Q. What does your 1 year warranty cover?

A. Just about everything. Basically, we stand behind our craftsmanship and the installation of the materials we provide, and we also stand behind the installation of the materials the homeowner provides. Like most companies, we cannot warrant the repair or replacement of materials which have been neglected, improperly used or abused.

Q. What other services do you provide besides basement finishing?

A. We provide the following additional services:  Additions, Kitchens and Baths, portico, pergola, Interior repainting, pressure washing, deck & screened porch construction, general trim installation, drywall installation & finishing, and other miscellaneous remodeling and repair services. We use the same employees and contractors for these services as we use for the basement finishing projects, so the quality, customer service and attention to detail is exactly the same. If you have a project you would like us to take a look at, just give us a call or send us an email. If it's something we cannot help you with, we'll be happy to recommend someone to you. We have been serving serve The Philadelphia Metropolitan area for over twenty years. as a builder and contractor we offer basement finishing, basement finishing Philadelphia PA, basement remodeling Philadelphia PA, Philadelphia PA basement finishing, Philadelphia basement remodeling, Philadelphia basement finishing, Philadelphia basement remodeling, lowest prices guaranteed, Montgomery county, Bucks county, Delaware county, Chester county, basement remodeling Lansdale Pennsylvania, basement remodeling Blue Bell Pennsylvania, Montgomeryville, Lansdale, Horsham, lower gwynedd, gwynedd Valley, Spring house, Huntingdon Valley, Warrington, Wayne, Radnor, Villanova, ST Davis, bryn mawr, Ardmore, Valley Forge, Broomall, Devon, Berwyn, Built-installation, Low construction cost, Low estimate, , Residential Contractor, with low Remodeling price, Low basement remodeling price, basement finishing in Montgomery county Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, basement finishing, basement remodeling in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, finish basement in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, custom Built-ins, bath remodeling, Bars, Free basement design , free estimate, up to $500.00 Discount, PA, Builder, Contractor, Built-ins, Company, low Cost, Finish basement Photo Gallery, How to build ideas, Interior Design, Licensed, insured, contractor, remodel contractor,

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